Started as a hospitality division to ensure the smooth progress of all hospitality developments, assets, and investments with in the Golden Group Holding. We are now also of service in Oman and internationally to assist Hospitality Real Estate Investors, and other hotel owners or potential owners in certain or all aspects of their respective hospitality investment cycle.

We have expertise and/or parterships available to provide tailor-made hotel investment services, both to individual owner on a first hotel project up to institutional invest companies

Our service will be tailor-made to maximize the return on your investment and will be aligned with your investment strategies.

Pascal Eppink

Managing Director

To be recognized as a leading integrated hospitality property services company.

We care as much about attitude as we do about experience and knowledge, and welcome continuous learning. We pledge to deliver creative market relevent solutions abitious goals and add value to your assets.

When doing business with us , you will experience ...

  1. Professionalism
  2. Know - how
  3. Ease of doing business
  4. Flexibility
  5. Unconventional Approach
  6. Transparency
  7. Timeliness

We consider every detail of your investment and we treat your investment as if it were ours, for they are essence of your dollar value.

Adding value to your investment is what it comes down to in the end for you and is there for our primary focus.We are there to ensure to make every buck you spent worth it for your investment and we always keep your asset value in mind when making decisions

We assist to increase your asset value by leveraging on:

  • Our experienced Directors with over 25 years expert market expeience , further backed up by expert Real Estate and development teams with in the Golden Group Holding

  • Through our Holding Group, our Partners and our affiliations, we have first-hand access to prime market information on future developments and demands.

  • As laid out in our mission, we deliver you tailor-made services: tailored to make your investment as successful as possible, ensuring we align our actions with your investment goals.